Wednesday, May 02, 2007

LANGUIS (words by alejandro cohen)

This song was made for a compilation released by PerfectIfOn in New York. The compilation was called Music for Plants. When the curator for this release invited Languis to participate there were no directions in terms of style. The only thing asked was that the music was made for plants and not for humans.

This song was composed, recorded, constructed and finished within two hours. It was a bit improvisational, but at the same time I had a strong sense of what the message was going to be like. In other words, there is nothing accidental about it.

The feeling that this song is intended to transmit is of peace and growth, blooming and the inevitable decay that life takes us to after reaching its peak.

The melodies tend to be abstract, and that was on purpose, I wanted a rushed feeling, like watching a stop motion movie of a plant growing very fast. The reason I chose peaceful sounds such as flutes or vibraphones is because there are studies that talk about plants liking classical music and rejecting music such as rock or pop. Honestly I never verified this, or even knew the source, but in my mind it made sense and wanted to use sounds that plants would embrace.


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Hi, I'm interested in contributing to your process series...but not really sure how to get in touch with you. You can reach me at Let's talk. Thanks!

- Axel

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axel...check your email.

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