Friday, April 13, 2007

semantics of sound...
...:::...i've been wondering if single sounds hold meaning in the same way in which words do...that is, if there were a dictionary of sounds, would each modulation have a list of definitions and related forms? would there be a pronunciation key and accent marks? would there be sonic synonyms and antonyms, nouns, verbs and adverbs to stand with each entry? i think not...

i wonder because, being the monolinguist that i am, i often find myself mis-interpreting what people say because i hold too much meaning in one word...and somehow, because music is more about associations and signifiers maybe (then it is about definitions per se...), it tends to hold itself in a more abstract way that is open to a broader interpretation...?

or maybe (as tomas palermo suggests to me) it is the single notes and tones and utterances that are the structure of language themselves...and that without them, there would be no english or french, armenian or thai, cantonese or tajik or turkmen or uzbek or urdu or swahili...

but maybe the semantics of sound are happily absent (in broken language...cracked over my knee like a stick)...blissfully meaningless in a mono-syllabic form...disassembled. for then sound is just a symbol without a system and can be re-arranged in any number of kaleidoscopic ways...sequenced and stacattoed and strung into a familiar phrasing, but free of context or bearing...:::...

download: 070413-modyfier part01

touane – potato nose : mar 2007 on lan music
axel bartsch – rock n roll : mar 2007 on spiel-zeug schallplatten
ripperton – 10a : mar 2007 liebe detail
daso – louche : apr 2007 on connoisseur recordings
stewart walker – foreshadowing : mar 2007 on persona
jona – evidence : apr 2007 on get physical music
kate wax – beetles and spider (ellen alien & appart remix) : mar 2007 on mental groove
nooncat – aquarobics (max cavalerra remix) : mar 2007 on lichen records
oxia & eric borgo – another man (daniel stefanik remix) : mar 2007 on tsuba
dusty kid – mantrakoma : mar 2007 on kling klang
someone else – lowdown brittle (wink’s profound sound interpretation) : apr 2007 on foundsound records
david durango – creotina
: apr 2007 on acid milk recordings
kalabrese – deep : apr 2007 on stattmusik

download: 070413-modyfier part02

joalz – falling together feat olga kouklaki : mar 2007 on ntrop
the black ghosts – anyway you choose to give it (playgroup remix) : apr 2007 on southern fried records
joakim – lonely hearts (dub version) : apr 2007 on k7 records
move-d – your rolling hills : apr 2007 on compost
slam – azure (part 2) : mar 2007 on soma recordings
sertac ugra – fixed line : mar 2007 on ugra
jacek sienkiewicz – good luck : mar 2007 on cocoon recordings
michel de hey & grooveyard – compound (shinedoe remix) : mar 2007 on ec records
trentemoller – african people (jokke iisoe remix) : apr 2007 on namnam records
reynold – in : mar 2007 on curle
schatz & wickinger – virus a : mar 2007 on elektro comfort
volker selzner – lost it (granlab remix) : apr 2007 on broque
vladislav delay – whistleblower : apr 2007 on huume


Blogger ForwardEver said...

Its interesting that you bring up single sounds since so many minimal tech and house producers have been making (post-Akufen) tracks incorporating stutters, snippets and fragments of vocals.

Secondly, its interesting to ponder how all humans have to learn single sounds first, before putting them together into words, and how much those lessons vary between cultures. The Chinese "shu" sound, the back of the throat "h" in Middle Eastern language or the ! (click) in Masai -- all single sounds unique to a specific dialect or language.

And global languages are evolving the way global music is -- taking a bit from this or that other language -- and combining it, which is why Jamaican patois has always been my favorite. There are African (often Yoruban), Spanish, British English, Arawak Indian, East Asian and Persian words all in the mix of that English dialect.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really like the part2 !
shindoe remix is great, good music

6:12 PM  

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