Tuesday, March 20, 2007


there was a time when i used to be able to talk more about music, but nowadays, it seems as if i have difficulty expressing what i hear...process...i see my self as a live dj, someone that needs an audience to play, i'm very much a vinyl person, i need to be able to physically feel what i play and vinyl comes closest to this aim i have, the frequencies are better, more interesting and there's the object of course, much more tactile than mp3's, also there's the apparent contradiction in playing vinyl that contains futuristic musical information, in my opninion, a lot of electronic music plays with contradictions or seemingly contradictory elements...i've been playing minimal music for a few years now, this minimal stance always drew my attention, whether it was techno or house or even classical music, basic channel and all things berlin ten years ago are a big influence, first and second wave detroit producers, dub and reggae, modern classical music, but equally the first european wave of electronic pop music in the seventies...ah well...it is difficult to mention influences because music is always and still changing, it is every music lover's experience to discover new and inspiring things all the time...right now i'm getting deeply into the london dubstep phenomenon...

in my mix you will hear some of the sounds that have been prickling my senses over the last few weeks, in some cases months and there's a few older tracks in there as well...i'm not adding individual track descriptions...the playlist is there...so...

01. mordant music – 'hummdrumm' mordant music
02. dave aju – xibalbanasazi – circus company
03. half hawaii – out of you – perlon
04. disappear here – climate flu – glimpse recordings
05. acid circus – minimal junk (acid circus) – droid
06. benjamin fehr – feed me with your kiss – catenaccio
07. rhythm & sound with cornel campbell – kind in my empire – burial mix
08. melodo boy 2000 – monotone fantastique – futuro advertising agency
09. pendle coven – waterplate – modern love
10. marcel dettman – quicksand – ostgut ton
11. dapayk – cleansea – mo's ferry prod
12. stamp – i a c – stamp
13. shackleton – in the next world – clandestine cultivations
14. shackleton – hamas rule – skull disco
15. kode 9 & spaceape – kingstown (vocal) – hyperdub
16. jamie woon – wayfaring stranger (burial remix) – live recordings


Anonymous Anonymous said...

incredible stuff

new york sends it's love.


7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice dj set

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this is a DJ!!! What a set, cracking stuff.

For the love of sound and glorious noise :)

8:44 AM  
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