Monday, March 12, 2007


Though I really love my wife, she knows that there is another love (she calls it possession) in my life - MUSIC. I am always looking for new tunes, styles and artists. That is why I check some mp3 blogs as 'modyfier'. And this love is the reason why I work as a musician. I cant imagine a day without at least listening to music.

I started with my alter ego ROTOSKOP a few years ago. In 2003 I released my first album including collaborations with artists like FOETUS and PHILLIP BOA. All tracks had quite a dark mood. Though I really like these kind of tracks I started my other alter ego SONI CODE. This gives me the possibility to make more 'dance' orientated tracks. That is the reason why I normally create 2 or more versions. At least a dark one by ROTOSKOP and a 'lighter' one by SONI CODE.

I really tried a lot of tools. Logic, Cubase, Reason and even Fruity Loops. But I always come back to Acid Pro. I like to work fast. And because of knowing this prog so well I still use Acid Pro. I dont use VSTi very much. I normally use loops and cut and paste and cut and paste...Wavelab is my favourite tool for 'sound design'. My sound library is very huge because of the fact that I sample everything I got on CD and an audiofile.

LCD Soundsystem is one of my favourites today. The whole album is brilliant. I was lucky to get a copy of 'Sound of Silver' via Internet. I used the vocals of the title track and played around with it. That is what remixing is all about for me! Playing with tracks, sounds and moods. Sometimes I feel like a kid being locked in a toyshop. And I definitely forget everything around me.

download: lcd soundsystem - sound of silver (rotoskop & soni code remixes)

lcd soundsystem - sound of copper (soni code remix)
lcd soundsystem - sound of alumninum ( rotoskop remix)
lcd soundsystem - sound of amalgam (rotoskop remix)
lcd soundsystem - sound of bronze (soni code remix)
lcd soundsystem - sound of platinum (soni code remix)


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