Friday, March 16, 2007

96% unknown...
...:::...i come back to "the teeter and the wobble" in my wondering and wandering...

keeling heavily to one side, i am compelled to follow intuition more than reason…reason, sits shapelessly opposite me…i can only guess at what its form might be from the abstract of it’s lengthening shadow...

and i wonder how much of what i know is from easy reception…(i tune my channels manually between the static and the hiss)…from what I learn through play and how i draw lines…like how these make space…like how i like losing myself between those long and empty marks across the page...

i’ve been thinking about how to recognize pivot points when they start hinginig before me. like, how do i know when to trust gravity (because when i fall, sometimes i do it lightly and other times with a dull and graceless landing)?…i really like the possibility of dark matter when i find myself there, between standing and the ground. i like that there is so much more unknown than i can ever imagine. that sometimes i glimpse what possibility looks like and make it real by believing...

the simplicity of it is that in all the things i gather around me from day to day, that it is rhythm and sound that i find filling the joints between life’s moments and that absorbs the expansion and compression between the tectonic plates of that holds my hemispheres together...

download: 070316-modyfier part01

komytea – kaktus city (sasse aka freestyle man remix) : mar 2007 on laka
audision – vanish (sascha funke remix) : oct 2006 on &nd
lopazz – share my rhythm (isolee remix) : mar 2007 on get physical music
paul kalkbrenner – der senat (12” version) : mar 2007 on bpitch
black devil disco – the devil in us : oct 2006 on lo recordings
dada life – the great fashionist swindle (serge santiago remix) : feb 2007 on pickadoll
reynold – l’arnaque : feb 2007 on persona
robyn – konichiwa bitches (menta remix) : feb 2007 on konichiwa records
ark & mikael weill – elephant hunting : jan 2007 on karat
tim paris – ambition buddy feat catchy jose : feb 2007 on battle

download: 070316-modyfier part02

phonique – closer groove : mar 2007 on exun reecords
soundbros – supervicky (boldrini & luperini original mix) : mar 2007 on acid milk recordings
move d – ushinokoku : mar 2007 on das modular
nytronome – the praise : jan 2007 on tishomingo
swain & paris – come as one (chopstick mix) : feb 2007 on spin out records
sascha funke – i love this tent : mar 2007 on bpitch control
titonton duvante – chi doro (titonton refreak) : mar 2007 on das modular
pan/tone – gringo grinder (shaka’s swiss cheese remix) : mar 2007 on revolver records canada
carsten jost – atlantis 1 : mar 2007 on dial records
al haca – citrus feat stereotyp, rqm & tolcha’s rasda : nov 2006 on traktor records


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've got a good ear for music,
respect from belgium!

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what music is made to, fill the gaps of our space.
Or maybe the silence can do something like that.
Good writing! ;)

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good writing, although the host is down already :(

Mind reuploading it for us slowcrews?

Best regards Marcus

5:53 AM  

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