Monday, January 22, 2007

isolate to elevate...
...:::...sometimes so much comes pressing in from all directions that dimensionality gets flattened…sometimes i feel spread out against the sky (like evening, you know: let us go then you and i?...)...where definition gets rolled so thin until things are legible only by what they are not…frayed and disconnected, i short circuit some hard wired mechanism…i am driven to be more than my own reflection…blades dull in repetition…so i isolate to elevate. i go wander alone...and this is what emerges...

i think about clouds of sound…about organizing frequencies inside a room like weather fronts...(i want to feel wet when i walk through it)…i want sound particles to stick to me (drench me like a thick fog might if i weren't wearing a raincoat), to condense on me in a growing cacophony... collect in my crevices and slowly begin to pool...(especially in the space between my clavical and neck)...sound might well up there, as though it were a spring. and if it were to keep filling, this sound might begin to stutter and rush, drawing noisey rivulets...finding me topographic in its movement...

and maybe a single note might escape...launched from my wrist bone as it runs down my arm...separating from the singular sound of many things (a thousand faces are equal to one...). a percussive drop, all on its own. i think of an orchestra tuning with all that unparalleled bowing...and how it slows and hushes and from that beautiful and dischordant harmony, sound lifts and finds the stratosphere, coalescing from an apparent nothing...

this is my formation...i am clouding over open planes. i am heavy with running scales. ready to pour...:::...

download: 070122-modyfier part01

pinktronix – fresh air : dec 2006 on irma records
justine electra – fancy robots (nouvelle vague rmx) : nov 2006 on city slang
pinktronix feat. chelonis r. jones – crash! : dec 2006 on irma records
kalabrese – airolo : aug 2006 on stattmusik
pan-pot – black dog (jesse rose remix) : dec 2006 on mobilee records
oezguer can – jaettedansen : dec 2006 on harthouse
minilogue – seconds (moonbeam remix) : jan 2007 on traum
williams – the shivering (pitch & hold in camera mix) : dec 2006 on love triangle music
marc houle – does your car speak : dec 2006 on minus
jesse rose – didn’t i (audion remix) : jan 2007 on get physical music
audiofly & scarlett etienne & loose lips – earsex : dec 2006 on tsuba
martinez – echochamber : dec 2006 on audiomatique recordings

download: 070122-modyfier part02

gaiser – seepage : jan 2007 on minus
gebrueder ton – denk an mich (extended mix) : dec 2006 on modus operandi
bigger than jesus – a beautiful life : dec 2006 on silver planet
andres up – in medio virtus : nov 2006 on definitive recordings
tiger stripes – black beach : jan 2007 on dialect recordings
detalles – move on (jonas berring remix) : dec 2006 on kupei musika
minilogue – the leopard (extrawelt remix) : jan 2007 on traum
guy gerber & gregor tresher – open the gates (deetron remix) : dec 2006 on great stuff
acid circus – minimal junk (jason emsley remix) : nov 2006 on droid records
segeke – ring finger psychology : jan 2007 on geometricdeck
kiki – trust me (super dub mix) : nov 2006 on bpitch control
luke sardello – somebody said : oct 2006 on icon recordings


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very very nice blog, mixes, & playlists!

I see that you're playing the Broke remix of Justine Electra, it is a very good record one of my fave of 2006 .. and I'm happy to see that i'm not the only one who play it haha!

I've got a musicblog too (in french .. sorry) .. if you want to check it!

And I would be very happy to make a mix for you blog one day .. maybe!

See you and keep listening & sharing good music


1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no i am too late, thats not good...
there are so nice tracks..
i want it want it...

waht can i do?

4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the links are down!

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone host them or something? I cant live with missing those tracks :(

/regards Marcus

6:33 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

ok. calm down. it's all fixed-up for your downloading pleasures...

7:18 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

oh: and mikhail, thanks for your comment. yeah, i can't stop listening to the fancy robots remixes: each one is so different and familiar...shoot me an email if you are interested in putting a piece together on process...

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

desde hace un tiempo bajaba musica sin rumbo, tratando de encontrar un sonido que me complaciera como antes.

,un dia me llego un mail tuyo y desde ahi deje de bajar musica,

ahora simplemente espero q tu mail llegue y me proporcione sonidos placenteros para mi cerebro.

muchas gracias por compartir tus gustos musicales con la audiencia.

JuanH from Argentina

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good stuff,

have you got the Jesse Somfay Remix of Alex Flatner´s Timeless.

Please post it !!!

4:45 PM  

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