Monday, January 15, 2007

...:::...there are places of condensation…when thoughts become so heavy and wet that they begin to fall...

it's hard to know when these moments will come...and to know how to set up a system so that when they do begin to rain, that they aren't lost on splatter and empty pavement...

this is how i manage...

i set up a heady infrastructure for collection...a series of gutters falling into swales and catchbasins...(sometimes i feel so flat that floods might come rushing)...

these lines i've been drawing lately have been taking a turn...becoming more animated...(informing a way of being)...they are dripping...following a slope to it's end, falling again, running again, collecting again, falling again...filtrating. creating a movement in a field. informing a process...

because sometimes, i get so lost i don't know what is the right way to go at all. i like it when slope and gravity combine to give an easy direction...

and below: this is what has been strained through my headphones...:::...

download: 070115-modyfier

justine electra – fancy robots (broke (aka matias aguayo & markus rossknecht) rmx) : nov 2006 on city slang
shapernod & snax – loves too much (al usher (parial arts) remix) : dec 2006 on suicide
cicada – cut right through (dj delicious remix) : nov 2006 on critical mass
christian paduraru – sharing transparently (rekleiner remix) : dec 2006 on absurd recordings
human resource – dominator (frank de wulff remix) : dec 2006 on harthouse
claude vonstroke – who’s afraid of detroit (paul woodford remix) : dec 2006 on dirtybird
alexi delano – space for bass (ad resharped mix) : dec 2006 on harthouse
barem – link : dec 2006 on minus
juno – mini plug : jan 2007 on loose records
falko brocksieper – slap : dec 2006 on sub static
gaiser – neural block : jan 2007 on minus
canson – beenden : aug 2006 on stattmusik
gavin herlihy & craig torrance – so that’s what happens (isolee remix) : dec 2006 on mood music records
shonky & jennifer cardini – lies : dec 2006 on mobilee records
damian schwartz – tu y yo (pilas remix) : dec 2006 on mupa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice list, that "dominator" track brings back some memories ... btw, i'm desperately seeking for Radioslave's "screaming hands", could someone give me a hand on that one, thx in advance!!

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:26 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

said - yes: musical triggers & memory...anyone on the requested radioslave track??

anon - please, no promotion here...sorry, but i'm deleting you. thanks for understanding...

12:20 PM  

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